Special Care about layered jewelry


SKILLUS 18K Layers of Gold Jewelry is hand made, therefore, it has to be cared like real jewelry.SKILLUS recommends the following precautions to give each piece a longer life:

- Avoid using the jewelry when working on heavy-duty jobs like: electrical, mechanical, construction, etc.

- Avoid contact with chemical products like: mercury, liquid color, paint, iodine, sulphate, etc.

- Oil lotions and oily creams may also spoil the jewelry.

- Pieces with stones should not be washed with detergent, soap, or any other similar products this may cause the stone to be opaque.

- An 18K layers of gold jewelry should be cleaned only with water or neutral shampoo or with a special jewelry cleaner.

- In case of storage, avoid excessive exposure to bright light, and avoid keeping the product with different kind of merchandise.