The new face of SKILLUS!


In the past years, SKILLUS has made significant and important changes in its structure, business model, product line and brand concepts to offer improving solutions to its clients. 

In this, to better transpire her posture of continuous improvement, SKILLUS also reformulated her logo, always looking to transmit in her communication the principles which guide the performance of the company as an organization, innovation, modernity, quality, elegance, class and glamor.

Since its foundation in 1981, the SKILLUS logo has gone through transformations, seeking always to transmit to the market the evolution and the continuous improvement that the company performs to always overcome the expectations of her clients. 

See the evolution of the SKILLUS logos:

The present logo now has a more modern typography. The handwritten, cursive font was chosen with the intention to transmit a sensation of the personality of the brand, cautious and prudent with every detail of the products in the SKILLUS line, always considering the satisfaction and achievement of every client. 

A new symbol was added to the logo, a “squirrel". This symbol was developed using an organic concept, seeking to portray the ways in which the company humanized, evolved and adapted to the ever changing transformations of the market. 

Gradually, all SKILLUS communications with be signed with the new logo and the slogan: “Quality, Elegance and Class". With this, SKILLUS continues to strengthen her relationships with clients and collaborators, and with this objective, communicate that SKILLUS is even more competitive.